Personality Counts

Personality makes more of a difference than you might think. With so many options out there in the marketplace, people are choosing their services and products more and more based on how that company’s or individual’s ideals and personality mesh with their own.  Loyalty is hard to come by these days, and the only way to stand out among your peers is to let go of the mass market and find a niche.  It’s called branding, and your niche will have much greater loyalty to you and your business personality than the masses ever could.

For example, do you put “green” concerns first in your business?  Let your customers know how you feel.  Eco-consciousness is an important factor in the current climate.  Don’t “greenwash” your offering – people can smell a rat a mile away, and you will be

The Green Detective

shunned for your falsehoods.  However, if you are genuine in your mission, you can inspire customer loyalty by honest efforts to reduce your impact and provide green options for your customers through your brand.

Or maybe you’re an edgy business with rock n’ roll style?  Does your “CEO” have a few body modifications? Adopt a style for your blog that conveys this aspect of your company.  You’d be surprised about how far it will take you with a large percentage of your customer population.  Sure, you might lose a few.  But you will gain a genuine brand that you can feel good about promoting because it’s truly you, and your customers will appreciate it.  And you might be surprised at how much of the population is tattooed and pierced.  Get an icon professionally designed with a caricature of your most hard-core employee – is it you? – and flaunt it, baby!

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