Heretics and Storytelling: Seth Godin on Starting a Movement

I know, I know…everyone posts about Seth Godin.  I feel almost like one of his “sheepwalkers” even doing it.  But face it, the guy has wonderful soundbites and a vault full of insights.  I’m actually sharing one from 2009, which could seem outdated but isn’t.  It’s a galvanizing speech on leading “tribes” – the communities that spring up on the Web and in the world built around challenging the status quo and connecting people.  It’s 17 minutes, but please watch – it goes quickly. 

Some of the insights:

  • People want to be led to connect to like-minded individuals around something that matters.
  • You’re not changing anything if you’re not upsetting someone – be a heretic.
  • It only takes about 1000 people to start a widespread movement – people will spread your message for you if it tells a good story.



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