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Daniel Pink Talks About Motivation and Purpose

Daniel Pink, author of Free Agent Nation, A Whole New Mind, and Drive gives a great TED Talk on motivation and business.  He’s a riveting speaker, and the 18 mins of video fly by.  Even if you’re not running a business, it’s useful to understand where we get our motivation from and what a large discrepancy there is between science and business on this subject (and likely many others).

Basically, Pink argues quite well that rewards don’t work on creativity.  We need to tap into autonomy, mastery, and purpose to get innovative results from ourselves and others.  He brought up Google’s 20%, the time allotted to each employee to work on personal projects, as well as several other examples of companies gaining from trusting their employees to be passionate about what they do and bring their work and outside creative impulses together to make business better.  It’s really worth taking a look/listen, especially if you are a company that employs creatives in any capacity.

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Creativity is Back! Search Gets More Content-Relevant – and Ethical

The “SEO” buzzword still dominates content discussions, and it’s still important. But as marketer Adrienne Waldo points out in Finally: Search Is Starting to Reward Creativity Over Shady Tactics on AdAge (, marketers, writers, and creatives of all other varieties used to bemoan the issue of trying to write and create content authentically while packing in keywords. We couldn’t compete with those hacks out there using black hat techniques and generally manipulating the system.

The game has changed. Google’s 2011 Panda update is the beginning of something beautiful: A world of real and relevant content. Well, maybe that’s reaching. But this new frontier at least provides a blank screen to start from for those of us actually focused on engaging content. And that’s all we ever wanted.

So get back to quality over quantity in the links and trackbacks. Add some white papers and video to your site because they’re educational and fun for your readers. And get back to being creative. Because even though creativity always mattered, now it’s relevant.

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Creativity – Not Just For Marketing Budgets

Creativity is the crux of business marketing and operations right now.  People have been forced to get creative in all sorts of ways with the economic crunch, from free advertising to DIY projects.  But this effort shouldn’t end with ways to save money.  With so much competition for business, the ones who win the pot, so to speak, will be the businesses and entrepreneurs that stand out in creative ways. 

This means brainstorming new methods for capturing attention, from starting a blog with personality to inventive contests and promotions.  This means putting your brand “out there” a little more through public speaking engagements with the Chamber of Commerce or hosting events on subjects of importance to you.  It means starting a social media campaign if you don’t already have one, because if you’re not listening to the buzz and getting your name out, someone else who is may soon be taking your customers. 

To stand out in a crowd like this one, you have to be willing to risk putting your authentic self or business brand – what you and your company really stand for – at the forefront of the whirlwind of activity in the marketplace.  Because there is just too much noise right now to go about it any other way, and it will probably only get more crowded.  But being part of your community and getting in front of people both physically and virtually will gain you loyalty and trust, the biggest prize of all.  So sit down with your team (or yourself) and start brainstorming some creative ideas for getting your name in metaphorical lights – or actual ones if that’s what it takes!

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