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Daniel Pink Talks About Motivation and Purpose

Daniel Pink, author of Free Agent Nation, A Whole New Mind, and Drive gives a great TED Talk on motivation and business.  He’s a riveting speaker, and the 18 mins of video fly by.  Even if you’re not running a business, it’s useful to understand where we get our motivation from and what a large discrepancy there is between science and business on this subject (and likely many others).

Basically, Pink argues quite well that rewards don’t work on creativity.  We need to tap into autonomy, mastery, and purpose to get innovative results from ourselves and others.  He brought up Google’s 20%, the time allotted to each employee to work on personal projects, as well as several other examples of companies gaining from trusting their employees to be passionate about what they do and bring their work and outside creative impulses together to make business better.  It’s really worth taking a look/listen, especially if you are a company that employs creatives in any capacity.

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