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Social Media Is Your Embassy, and More Zen Identity Tips

Zen Garden wikimedia Social media is your embassy.  Be true to your online self.  This post from zenhabits is a great contribution to getting rid of clutter in your digital house.

We’re all suffering a little from online information overload, and since we’ve been online for a while, it’s like when you do spring cleaning on a house you’ve been living in for 15 years and realize how much of your old life is still there.  You’re not that person anymore, but you still have all that person’s stuff.  The digital world is much the same way, and Tyler Tervooren of Advanced Riskology notes that we should purge that stuff and not mourn the loss of it. We’re becoming more of the person we want to be and staying true to that with the things about us that live online.

The idea behind this has everything to do with branding, as well as our online habits and the way we gather information. There are great tips on letting go – it is zenhabits, after all – and keeping clutter at bay so we can be more productive and enjoy ourselves a little more.

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