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Guerilla Marketing Inspiration

Guerilla marketing, the tactic of pulling stunts to get attention for your brand, is a prime way to stand out from the crowded marketplace.  Sometimes it even saves money compared to traditional advertising.  Barter, trade, or donate, and allow  your audience to participate in your fun.

There are five excellent specimens of guerilla marketing campaigns for inspiration highlighted on Smarta.  IKEA places thousands of picnic blankets and baskets in Central Park (as well as furnishings all over New York City) to remind people of the way design makes life better. gets a town to rename itself after the brand for a year, provides booty for residents.  T-Mobile starts a disco in London’s Liverpool Street Station and airs it on a TV commercial.

What can your brand do?  Think about your mission and your audience.  What would they respond to?  Are you trying to stamp out carbon footprints?  What are some stunts that could help your cause?  Think giant feet in the town square, hot air balloons, or stickers on everyone’s meter boxes.  Think big, and don’t censor yourself until you get to logistics and costs.  Let the ideas fly first – you never know.  I mean, who would have thought that a town would agree to rename itself after a dot com?

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